Ondo, Nigeria

TYPOLOGY : Hospital
CLIENT : BenLea Specialist Hospital Ltd.
SIZE : 1,761sqm
LOCATION : Ondo, Nigeria
STATUS : Construction Documentation

BenLea Specialist Hospital – BSH is a 57 bed hospital set-up to provide top quality and affordable healthcare services for the grossly under served community of Irele (Ondo State, Nigeria) and its environs.

After meeting all functional requirements and design standards for the hospital, the next most important factor in our design approach is how patients and care givers interact with the building – to that end, we have designed a “transparent hospital”.  The internal layout of the hospital is left almost entire open, except for areas that is strictly required to be closed-off, to encourage free flow of movement and enhanced visual connection between spaces and interactions amongst users. The openness promotes trust in patients and sought to immediately set them at ease from the point of entry.

The façades are also adorned with large glass walls and vegetation to connect the interior spaces with nature on all floors – a very important factor in the healing process.  The appearance of the building and the interior layout have been designed to be friendly and welcoming and to ultimately dispel the sterile outlook and impression often associated with hospitals.

It is our hope that the BSH will fulfil our design intent of uplifting emotions of patients and care givers while also providing an incredible health facility of JCI standard.