Lagos, Nigeria

TYPOLOGY : Health Care
CLIENT : Custodian Social Responsibility Foundation
SIZE : 2,107sqm
LOCATION : Lagos, Nigeria
STATUS : Construction Documentation

This Level IV trauma centre is spread across two (2) levels and sub-divided into four (4) zones of Red, Yellow, Blue and Green with all the zones connected and accessed by a central core and lobbies. The red and yellow zones are at ground level and cater for the A&E and the Observation respectively while on the upper level, the green zone accommodates the Administration and the Support is in the blue zone.

Externally, we look to create a simple yet striking centre that showcases the collaborative and can-do spirit of both the Lagos State Govt. and Custodian Social Responsibility Foundation.

On approach, the building spreads its “arms/wings” ready and willing to embrace and offer optimum care to patients and also provide a conducive environment for staff and guests alike.

Trees and potted plants are incorporated into the scheme to gently animate the building and make people think again of how health facilities are perceived.

When completed, the centre will serve the people of Epe and its environs and ultimately help save lives as there is no purpose designed/built facility of such within and around that axis.