Owerri, Imo

TYPOLOGY : Residential
CLIENT : Val Eke
SIZE : 2,700sqm
LOCATION :  Imo, Nigeria
STATUS : Design Proposal

Because the building is within a larger family plot, we adopted a bow-shaped building that offers two contrasting characteristics. The inner/shorter bow of the building curves inwards and indicating a welcome gesture to everyone and the rest of the site; but privacy is achieved with the outer curve arching away from the semi-public area into the quieter pool area located at the rear of the site.

Semi-private spaces like ante-room, visitors’ lounge, guest bedroom and the cinema room occupy the row along the front side of the building. While more private spaces like living room, dining room, kitchen and gym are positioned to the rear of the building – not to only provide exclusivity, but to also offer gorgeous and uninterrupted view towards the swimming pool and garden.

The bedrooms, study and family lounge are on the upper floor. Each room on this floor is adorned with floor-ceiling glass doors that open unto the terrace. The terraces afford residents with break-out spaces for relaxation and enjoying the scenic view of the surroundings. The terraces are shielded by overhanging roof parapet.