TYPOLOGY : Residential
CLIENT : Helper’s House
SIZE : 150,000sqm
LOCATION : Lagos, Nigeria
STATUS : Design Proposal

What is culture?, what are cultural centres?, do cultural centres fulfil the purpose(s) they are designed/built for?, or have they just become objects and symbols of ego in the “battle of cultural supremacy”?, how do people see, interact and use these centres? – These are few of the numerous questions we asked whilst researching and developing this scheme.

The scheme is not predicated only on results, but also of processes of formation and subsequent use. The design is aimed at fostering and connecting cultural, economical, social and educational activities to create a micro-community of some sort.

Billed as a sustainable project, the scheme proposes planting of over 2500 trees and plants and over 40,000sqm of grassed surfaces. Rain water harvesting, renewable energy, special glazed glass panels, natural ventilation and lighting are some of the features incorporated into the design to achieve a certified LEED project.

In the end, we concluded that culture is an infinite concept and we cannot proclaim that our proposal will answer all the lingering questions. What we are sure of is that we have created an environment that is people-friendly – a setting where sense of place is strong.