Equestrian Resort

Epe, Lagos.

CLIENT : Private Client
SIZE : 105000sqm
LOCATION : Lagos, Nigeria
STATUS : Design Proposal

The conception of this scheme is basically about four (4) main factors: People, Nature, Fitness and Horses.

People: The resort is geared towards providing facilities and environment where people can refocus, refresh and reconnect with themselves.

Nature: The site is yet to be polluted by human activities making it a perfect location for a health farm. Sustainable factors like natural ventilation, harvesting and reusing rain water, renewable energy are all integrated into the project.

Fitness: Areas for meditations, mental and physical exercise have been delicately designed to suit users’ needs. Movement within and around the site is by foot, golf carts and horses.

Horses: Almost half of the entire site has been dedicated to horses and related activities; and this affords visitors to the resort a full equestrian experience. To ensure a safer humanhorse interaction, the design provides a conducive environment for the horses and their handlers with adequate provision for stables, grooms’ quarters, paddocks, exercise tracks, riding schools etc.