Lekki 1, Lagos.

TYPOLOGY : Restaurant
CLIENT : Black Bell
SIZE : 560sqm
LOCATION : Lagos, Nigeria
STATUS : Design Proposal

Design Collaboration with EMPIRE HERITAGE

Our design proposal is geared towards creating a restaurant that leaves strong impressions on customers by engaging and imparting all of the five senses as much as possible; through colours, materials and textures, spatial and furniture formation, soft music, pleasant smells, and of course the great taste of meals to be served. Harnessing these various concepts culminate in delivering a complete sensational experience that makes customers to always want to return.

On entry, customers are greeted by a long entrance hall with relaxed seating area with hammock chairs hanging from the ceiling. Beyond the entrance hall, the severy and the dining area collapse into a single large open space with elements such as floor level, timber screens and wall finish used to subtly separate their functions.
In total, there are six seating areas with five differently styled settings. The fast food is accommodated on the ground floor while the restaurant, assessed via an open stairs, is on the upper floor.