Bwari, FCT, Abuja.

TYPOLOGY : Student Accommodation
CLIENT : Victoria Nwuche
SIZE : 600sqm
LOCATION : FCT, Abuja, Nigeria
STATUS : Construction Documentation 

The client wants a modern student accommodation with “no frills”, but no less an interesting building.

We created modules of “building blocks” projecting and recessing beyond one another; the resulting interplay of solid planes and glazed areas gives the building form a dynamic interpretation that students can easily relate with.

The common areas are accommodated on the ground floor to allow for a quieter upper levels where the suites are located. The communal living of the occupants is the focus of our design, so we created areas of interest where students can commune with one another.

On the ground floor, a large common lounge and restaurant overlooking a side garden provides the residents with a space where they can socialize, play games, watch movies and dine. The experience on the first floor is sharply contrasted with the introduction of indoor courtyard and  “astro-park” with natural light flooding the space from the giant overhead skylight. With trees, rock gardens, park benches, natural light and ventilation, users can delight in the serenity of nature within their building.