Edo, Nigeria

TYPOLOGY : Residential
CLIENT : Private Client
SIZE : 906sqm
LOCATION : Edo, Nigeria
STATUS : Construction Documentation

We intend to create a sustainable, modern and comfortable home with the use of readily available local materials that are eco-friendly and with strong visual appeal and this is demonstrated in the building’s external composition and the internal spatial arrangements.

The use of external fluted panels for the front façade and by introducing short recess walls (that run through the external perimeter walls) just before the first floor slab gives a floating impression of the upper floor. This is to  further emphasize our contemporary design direction.

Cantilevers, large balconies and floor-to-ceiling glazed areas characterize the façades to ensure natural daylight and ventilation are fully optimized.

At ground level, residents and guests are met and greeted by stretch of entrance porch and a pond contained within a wide bay. The upper floor is dedicated to family living with all four (4) bedrooms featuring its own sitting area, walk-in-closet and ensuite bathroom. A common family lounge and kitchenette provide a communal space where family members can meet and interact.

Straight lines, sharp corners and the use of warm and friendly material palettes and the interplay of solid walls and glazed areas set the tone for the simplistic approach to this project.