Ikoyi, Lagos

TYPOLOGY : Residential
CLIENT : SR Resources
SIZE : 4,400sqm
LOCATION : Lagos, Nigeria
STATUS : Design Proposal 

This redevelopment scheme will entail the remodelling of an existing block of eight flats, a new residential block of condos and pent suites totalling ten units, landscaping and regeneration of the pool area with introduction of gym, bar and changing rooms.

Positioned almost perpendicular to the existing building, the new building is designed to complement the old. Although on a total of six floors, the building is outlined into four vertical volumes of ground floor, 1st level condos, 2nd level condos and the pent floor. With this, the scale of the new building appears to be comparable to the existing building.

Large glazed areas, brilliant white finish, extensive sailing roofs, concrete planters with trees, slanted terraces are common features used on both buildings to unify them in appearance.

Devoid of colours, the buildings come to life with moving skies and large trees reflecting on the glass panels. At dusk, lights coming through from inside animate the buildings to accentuate their profile.