Oniru, Lagos.

CLIENT : Lange & Grants Engineering
SIZE : 2100sqm
LOCATION : Lagos, Nigeria
STATUS : Design Proposal

The Landmark Village, V/I will feature an event centre, hotel, office blocks, mixed-used apartment blocks, megastore amongst other facilities.

We have been approached to develop the area earmarked for the megastore. After careful review of a detailed brief from the client, our challenge is to design a structure that conforms to the construction theme (of steel & sandwich panels) of the village and yet be immediately identifiable.

What we did was to create a rectangular base of steel and glass frames to allow the building relate directly with its surroundings and also bring it to human scale, however, for reason of identity and presence, we introduced an elaborate roof that perches lightly on the glass base. Roof overhang on all sides provides adequate shade for the glass panels below.