Ikoyi, Lagos.

TYPOLOGY : Recreational – Reception House
CLIENT : Lagos Polo Club
SIZE : 80sqm
LOCATION : Lagos, Nigeria
STATUS : Design Proposal

We decided to “keep it simple” by going back to the very basics of traditional shelter – four walls and a roof. We came up with a simple rectangular structure of about 80sqm with a sailing gable roof. The building is enclosed with double glazed clear glass on three sides and fenestrated solid wall on one side. This is to allow communication between internal spaces and the surrounding environment.

The rather modest structure is enhanced by introducing dynamic external cladding of steel bars suspended with strings to shield the glass walls behind, and also by shaping the roof to perch lightly atop the building. The cladding is not only for reason of aesthetics, its functional purpose is to shade the building by allowing diffused natural light into internal spaces, and to reduce amount of heat gain/loss. Effectively the cladding makes the building to be more energy efficient.