LPC – RHii

Ikoyi, Lagos.

TYPOLOGY : Recreational – Reception House
CLIENT : Lagos Polo Club
SIZE : 80sqm
LOCATION : Lagos, Nigeria
STATUS : Design Proposal

Polo is a “traditional sport that is defined within traditional settings”, but our intent for this reception house is to create a “fresh structure” that will give a fresh outlook to the entire fabric of the club that looks to revamp itself. So how can we create a fresh structure that fits well within a traditional setting.

We decided to go back to the very basics of traditional shelter – four walls and a roof. We came up with a simple rectangular structure that is enclosed with double glazed clear glass on three sides and fenestrated solid wall on one side. With a roof shaped to resemble a truncated inverted pyramid perching lightly on the building.
“Skin layer” cladding made of perforated folded copper sheets that covers the building is not only for aesthetics, its functional purpose is to shade the building by allowing diffused natural light into internal spaces, and to reduce amount of heat gain/loss, and thus effectively making the building more energy efficient.