MMA-1, Lagos.

TYPOLOGY : Retail – Shop Fit-out
CLIENT : Medvacc Pharmacy
SIZE : 20sqm
LOCATION : Lagos, Nigeria
STATUS : Completion 2013

Due to brevity of space, every element in this 20sqm shop is designed and manufactured specifically to fit. Side walls, mainly for shelving, are textured in bright white. While full length, clear glass panels are installed at both ends of the shop to allow a continuous view through its entire length – and by so doing, visually expanding the shop beyond its walls onto the surrounding external spaces. The white and glass walls are sharply contrasted against dark coloured floor and ceiling, which is intended to further offer depth and volume to the space.

We believe that shoppers attention will constantly be drawn to the shelves as floating glass ledges are spaced in alternating pattern for reason of dynamic product display. The glass ledges are set against the walls and are held in place by a diagrid of crisscrossing slanted timber frames running from ceiling to floor.