Ikoyi, Lagos.

TYPOLOGY : Office Block
CLIENT : Greer Estates Ltd.
SIZE : 1171sqm
LOCATION : Lagos, Nigeria
STATUS : Design Proposal

Our design approach is an antithesis of a typical office block. We wanted to create an office building that feels like home; so we introduced “green terraces” on each floor to serve as break out spaces where workers can use to socialize & interact, get fresh air and take a break from their desks. The terraces also provide shade for the floor below and offer gorgeous views to the creek in front and the vibrant Awolowo Road at the rear.

The building’s form is generated by vertical stacks of “rectangular cubes”. Each cube represents a floor; and starting from the first floor, the cubes are subtly staggered on subsequent floors leaving decks below to serve as terraces. The building composition allows for optimization of natural light into interior spaces, good views and access to green spaces.

A typical floor measures at 21 x 27 meters and overlaps enough for the core to connect to the highest floor. The height of the fifth floor is increased to accommodate a mezzanine for the residential suite.
In order to meet the parking requirement, the building is suspended off the ground leaving the entire ground level free to accommodate just the reception area and the core.