Lagos, Nigeria

TYPOLOGY : Residential
CLIENT : Verusprufen Nig. Ltd.
PLOT SIZE : 1,600sqm
LOCATION : Lagos, Nigeria
STATUS : Construction Documentation  

Taking cues from the shape of the site, the building’s V-shaped layout resulted from following the site boundaries which afforded all units direct access and view to the street. The communal area, that features the pool, an outdoor bar and restrooms, is secluded and serene and shielded within the void left between the building’s wings.

Although separated at ground level and with both wings facing opposing directions, the terrace block is a single building as both wings of the building connect from the first floor. This gives multiplicity of context to the building’s façades and form which change from one end to the other with varying fenestrations, materials and planes and altogether maintaining a simple coherent scheme – the same concept is extended to the detached house.

The top of the buildings are “capped” with sky gardens to compensate for the somewhat limited green areas at ground level. Terraces with alternating bevelled edges and vertical screens are introduced (in response to the sun path) to provide shade and preventing direct sunlight from reaching the interior spaces.

The scheme features 3 blocks: Block A & B (joined) and standalone Block C. Block A and B are terraces comprising of 3 units each while Block C is a detached house, totaling 7 units of six terraces and a detached house.