Lagos, Nigeria

TYPOLOGY : Residential
CLIENT : MicMar Estates Ltd.
PLOT SIZE : 892sqm
LOCATION : Lagos, Nigeria
STATUS : Under Construction

The third and final block in the “Stacks Series” – the same design principles used for the already built Plot A&B were applied albeit minor tweaks and improvements to give the building its own character without departing from the grand scheme.

The block is composed of 3 terrace units and 4 flats with the footprint of the terraces reduced – and distributed across four levels.

To give distinction to each apartment, the terrace units are “stacked” next to one another with vertical grooves (and juxtaposed balconies) separating them while the flats are stacked horizontally on top of each other across four floors.

In order to compensate for limited green area at the ground level, we designed flat roofs intended for green roofs to serve as sky garden for the residents. The green roofs also come with their environmental benefits such as absorbing rainwater, providing insulation, and helping to lower urban air temperatures and mitigate the heat island effect.

 Generous areas of glazing and openings in the living and sleeping areas are used to optimize natural ventilation and lighting. The glazed areas are shaded by terraces on the floor above to prevent direct sunlight reaching the interior spaces.