Studio UCA

Onike, Lagos.

TYPOLOGY : Studio – Renovation + Interior
SIZE : 75sqm
LOCATION : Lagos, Nigeria
STATUS : Completed 2017

The space has gone through series of remodelling exercise. First from a traditional flat to a modern apartment, then later converted to architects’ studio.

We believe creativity thrives most in relaxed and conducive environment, so we have tried to create a workplace that embodies the firm’s founding principles of people, interactions and flexibility.

The entire studio is designed to be open such that spaces connect seamlessly to ensure ease of communication and allow for freedom to reconfigure the studio from time-to-time. Natural light, music, plants, pebble garden, hammock, akala wood furniture, white walls are the main features of the office – these features come together to create a work environment that enhances creativity and productivity.

Walls, floor and ceiling of the meeting room are finished in bright yellow to “mellow” a space where serious discussions are often held.