FCT, Nigeria

TYPOLOGY : Residential
CLIENT : Taskit Nigeria Ltd
SIZE : 2,900sqm
LOCATION : Lagos, Nigeria
STATUS : Construction Documentation 

Trapezoid shaped site, hill range towards the north and the access road are the elements that form the character that the building takes on. At ground level, two stand-alone blocks of terrace units taper towards the narrow end of the site; but on the two subsequent floors, the blocks are connected by communal spaces to form a “U” shaped building and creating generous “chasm” between the blocks.

The communal area is suspended off the ground and accessed via a twisting helical stairs. On the first floor, a multipurpose hall provides residents with a space for formal and social activities; the second floor of the communal area features a gym, a small lounge and a plunge pool that overlooks the courtyard and the distant hills.

The goal of the development is to create a series of townhouses, where the sense of place is strong and expressed with a series of playful interactions between all the dwellings. The building’s facades appear homogeneous with terraces and planes used to highlight each apartment. Zigzagging terraces and stone cladded screen walls are dominant features used in the scheme to echo the ridges and texture of the hills beyond.