Design Collaboration with FAHRENHEIT INC.

The size of the kiosk as directed by the realtors of the mall is to be 3 x 1.75m; and will be positioned just across the food court. Our design decisions were informed by a couple of factors: brevity of space, restricted kiosk size, indoor usage.

After careful review of these parameters, an oval-shaped structure (truncated along the shorter ends) was adopted as the idea to create an “open structure” became apparent. The structure is formed with a total of twenty two (22) vertically curved laminated plies held in place with slim steel runners across the longer ends; and perforated boards on the shorter ends. The resultant effect is a structure with a striking semblance of a basket.

The kiosk allows attendants and customers to see through it and thus offering a 360° view of its immediate surroundings. This gives a sense of lightness and transparency – factors we believe will make shoppers gravitate towards it. The structure also benefits directly from the power, lighting and ventilation provided by the mall.