Lagos, Nigeria

TYPOLOGY : Residential
CLIENT : Private Client
SIZE : 1595sqm
LOCATION : Lagos, Nigeria
STATUS : Construction Documentation 

Design contemplation began with the site studies and developing the building’s form to follow the slanted angle of the site.

At site level, the building’s footprint occupies less than a quarter of the site leaving ample area for gardens, sit-out and parking. The ground floor reception area is open with an atrium that rises through all the floors and opens to the sky. This allows natural air flow through the reception and the entire core of the building.

With a total of 7 units (six flats and a double level pent house), each unit features generous signature curvilinear balconies that offer ample outdoor area above ground level. These large overhang balconies also provide shade for the large glazing below and prevent direct sunlight from entering the interior.

The general composition is of transparency to one side and opacity to the other with the use of clear glass, screens, solid walls, timber panels/slats.

This project hopes to bring back glory days to Apapa with refreshing design language that aims to reflect the massive future real estate opportunities in an area that is quietly experiencing some urban regeneration.