Abuja, Nigeria

TYPOLOGY : Residential
CLIENT : 7th Heaven Realty
PLOT SIZE : 7,639sqm
LOCATION : Abuja, Nigeria
STATUS : Construction Documentation 

Targeted at middle income families, young couples and single professionals, this integrated community is designed to create “iconic” living environment with each building positioned to enjoy vast and almost unobstructed view of the magnificent surrounding landforms.

Planted by the foot of the hills, the buildings’ form is designed to mimic the surrounding hills with their undulating walls and planes. Sleek steel slats run from the front of the building through the top and down to the rear like water streaks on mountains face. Apart for reason of view towards the distant hills from each apartment, the buildings are slanted to also give some level of privacy to each unit by ensuring they are not looking directly into each other.

This project features different house prototypes – Detached Houses, Flats, Terraces & Duplexes, alongside other facilities such as the Hub, playground and Workstations.